Whether your organization is large or small, does it have a staff member or members who "OWN" the database?  Is their primary responsibility being in charge and taking charge of all things "Raiser's Edge"?  Are they considered the "Expert", "Wise Owl" or "Guru"?

Owning the database is an important and necessary function that is sometimes overlooked and not given the respect it deserves.  After all, the data repository is THE most integral and central piece of your fund raising puzzle.  The proper handling will reap less frustrating results.

Your Database Administrator or DBA, should be well qualified and appropriately compensated for this undertaking that supports the mission of the entire organization.

Recognizing that you need this level of expertise and having it are the separating factors. 

If you have questions about your past commitment or experience with this, D3 is here to help. 

If you recognize and acknowledge that you do not currently have an "OWNER" for your database, D3 can help you recover from the past and help move you forward.

D3 can help you vet the proper candidate by resume reviews, testing and interviews. 

We can perform a thorough audit of you database to get it current and keep it maintained or create a plan for maintenance.  See website page "WHY YOU NEED A DATABASE AUDIT!" 

Let us help you get to where you need to be!