Are you using Soft Credits?

Duplicate records and data?

Do you have Mobile solutions?

What about credit card processing?

What about reporting?

What about security?

Do you collect enough data?

Are you following best practices?

Is your data functional and effective?

You should ask yourself these and many other questions to find out just how helpful an additional and outside source could help you realize the potential contained within your current CRM.  Let's have a discussion!

Do you need or use Dashboards?

Donors are the lifeblood of any nonprofit organization and their mission.  Investing in your CRM system is the best way to cultivate and track your relationships with donors and prospects.  

​​Investing in your CRM system

Do you have a Matching Gift program?

What about .....................?

Do you have the right tools and training?

Can you import and export any and all necessary data?

Is your data in the right place?

Does your organization find itself with less than adequate database staff?

Do you have efficient processes throughout?

Are you linking Relationships?

How do you handle Moves Management?

What about additional modules?